The THING that herds

During a couple of days Vodafone seems to be out of order. I don’t know exactly because I don’t have such an extremely attractable account. Nevertheless it hurts of course , it hurts anybody  who is vodafonatic.

Now very many of them are complaining and even urging that the press should give more bitter attention to this fact. It seems Vodafone is not enough troubled and kicked by journalists about heir fail. Well, that’s fine because in the end, of course, everybody is responsible for the fact he or she is in some way and measure depending on Vodafone, or for any other provider for that matter. We all have made ourselves slaves of electronic mechanics, yes, in fact, we are striving day by day to extend our slavery in that view. Why? The answer is not clear but as a matter of fact it seems we see ourselves as sturdy and modern by this slavery.In my opinion that hurts too, in fact…it herds.

It was by then the early eighties of the last century when I was in the PR-service of the dutch telecom and postal company PTT. By that time everybody had to have a “fax”, some aparatus you find seldomly nowadays in modern thechnological surroundings but these days it was the top of technology. In my surrounding daily I was brainwashed with the “fact” that nobody could do anything anymore without a “fax”.  It  was not so many years later that the company was full of computers, computers of a format we would be smiling away nowadays but anyway, they were computers. Slowly the horrible thing developed and it didn’t last long or in my working field the general opinion was that we “could not live without these computers”. The Gates were opened….

What hurted was not so much the ever failing computers and the after that following failing Internet because there was always someone to blame for that, we do it all the time: blaming someone else for our own misery and so there was nothing special about it. But then again, what really was a mass were the herds of people who really spread the Belief, the Word that computer were essential for human dignity and well-being. Bill Gates was the prophet of the Binair God. And so, since we all indulged in the electroreligion nobody should complain because the computer doesn’t work better than praying. Many times it doesn’t work at all but still we go on believing in the indispensability of the THING. The THING that herds, that makes of us a herd of believers who do not think for themselves but throw their trust away through the gates of binarity. And yes…that hurts again.

Big question is ,of course, why are we so hurt? I think it’s because technology’s structural meaning was to prove that mankind is smarter than God. Now it seems clear that this prove is , at least, less easy to get than we thought. It makes us feeling depressed and by then, we create a crisis to make a pretext for our own failure. I am afraid the need for those dodges only stops as soon we are sure that herding is hurting.

Till strongness,

Kaj Elhorst



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