How morons rule the world

It was in the nineteenth century that Great Britain by means of the Opium-wars got the chance to take a piece of the drugs market in China. It was less than fifty years later that the USA and other “civilized” countries declared war on drugs, not frustrated by the bootlegging period in the USA. From one day to an other drugs were declared the meanest of commercial products. By doing that the whole of the “civilized” world denied the fact that drugs are the most wanted product by anyone in the world.

The idiosyncracy about drugs took more and more absurd profiles, excluding one of the most addicting drugs of all: alcohol.Alcohol was, of course, the drink Jesus drank more than once so who were our politicians to declare war on that fluent. War on drugs became a monstrous fenomenon during the government of  alcohol addict George W. Bush. He stepped higher and higher in this war, together with his self-declared war on terrorism. The two have in fact more in common than we would like to admit. For instance, terrorists buy weaponry with drugs-related money.

So after all, the outcome of the War on Drugs is far from satisfying. First there never was a draw back of the use of drugs, contrarely it won popularity day by day. That means War on Drugs is in no way effective. Secondly, by declaring drugs a criminal fenomenon, the drugsdealers and barons had to rise their prices until they were and are sky high. Drugsbarons went to belong to the ultimate rich people of the world. In tryinig to be able to pay for drugs youngsters and addicted people had to steal, burgle, shoot, and kill. Criminality rose by itself because of the War on Drugs and in a country like Holland 40 percent of criminal activities are drugs-related.

So where are we now? We are now in a period where any drugs user is being described as “hopeless and half-criminal”. Secondly is our government spending each year bilions of euros for the War on Drugs. In the same time it is loosing bilions of euros because the money all flows now into the pockets of big drugbarons, for example in Mexico. This money could flow into the states treasure if drugs were no longer prohibited. In the same time youngsters are trying to produce for themselves drugs of a poisonous kind because these kinds of drugs are cheap. On the other side drugsbarons deliver drugs of bad quality whenever they want. This all leads tot a growing number of kills and  people with very bad illnesses. They are also costing society an enormous amount of money.

True, I did not write this story in the first place because of the money. I wrote because I think the use of drugs is in the first place an individual responsability. The government should step aside in this case. I use the examples about money exclusively because I know it will get to people directly.

In my point of view any government that takes a part in the war on drugs is in fact criminally sponsoring drugs criminality and fighting its own fruits. I can not imagine any one would something like that than a deeply rooted moron.

See you all!


Kaj Elhorst


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